Daniel OG’s Got A ‘Plan’ With The Neverland Clan

Shit’s just got to go to plan this year for the Neverland Clan, and South London’s own ‘working class rockstars’ have picked the right moment to get out a “fresh serving of perfectly balanced ignorance and ambition”.

A collective of sorts, who don’t plan to sell out or be bought out, these guys don’t play by any establishment rules, and don’t intend to adhere to any set standard. Neverland Clan are writing their own rules and 2015 already saw their creative charge injected into art, design, music and performance. From Ryan Hawaii’s limited edition collections; to a joint EP with Omelet; a Neverland Clan debut at the Boilerroom and Ryan being commissioned to design Skepta’s Dressing Room at Red Bull Future Underground show – it’s all been working to a plan.

Now, Daniel OG has a plan and it’s being played out in the new Black Anubi$ directed video above as an East/South London rendition of a weed fuelled Wizard of Oz. Daniel walks the walk down the yellow brick road in pursuit of a plan and with Skepta as an avid fan, Daniel OG must be pretty confident he’s about to blow.