Danny Brown Continues To Be Hip-Hops Oddity With ‘When It Rain’

Danny Brown’s been fairly quiet of late. His last album was released all the way back in 2013, and he’s almost running the risk of fading out of peoples memories (actually that’s impossible, who can forget the infamous Danny Brown moments over the years). The wait is over though, he’s just released a new video for his track ‘When It Rain’ reminding people once more that one of hip-hop’s most eccentric rappers returns.

The VHS style visuals for ‘When It Rain’ has an almost psychedelic feel to it. Fast paced Danny Brown raps are juxtaposed with shots of people dancing, hula hooping and Danny in abandoned Detroit streets. Paired with Danny’s motormouth delivery and almost upper pitched style, together the visual and sound of ‘When It Rain’ creates this sort of rap frenzy, something that’s on the cusp of almost not being rap. I’ll let you be the judge of it though, check it out above.

Looks like we’re finally going to have some follow up material from Danny’s honest and trippy 2013 album ‘Old’ (yay!). Danny has now also signed a new deal with UK indie label Warp Records. In a statement Danny said:

“With the blessing of my Fools Gold family by my side, I’m excited to be working with Warp on new material. They’re music fans to the same high degree I am and I’m looking forward to breaking some rules together.”

It looks like hip-hops resident rule breaker will be back at doing what he’s best at very soon.