Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibited

I don’t do album reviews, so this isn’t an album review, its more of an observation via a collection of quotables. Lets not beat around the bush, how did Danny Brown manage to drop the hardest album of the year?

His latest album is like shock therapy, except it doesn’t wipe your mind, it gives you flashbacks to every hard rap album or track you’ve ever heard. Danny’s latest album is hard as fuck! It goes against the grain, it bucks the trends. No trap claps, no 140 bpm EDMish vibes, no 100BPM Drake inspired shit. This album just bangs.

1000% uncompromising shit. Its not a 90s throwback vibe, its a highly original body of work that perfectly compliments Danny’s style, it is totally unpredictable, but familiar. ‘Really Doe’ is the hardest track you’ve heard since ‘1 Train’, but more refined. Danny, Kendrick, Ab Soul, and Earl lyrically carress a soon to be classic track by Black Milk that relentlessly pounds.

I havent fully marinated on the album yet, I’m only 6 listens in on a dodgy stream, but it’s blatantly clear that this album bangs. Danny grew up on ‘Boy In Da Corner’ and you can hear similar abrasive industrial vibes throughout ‘Aftocity Exhibit’, it’s probably why it feels familiar. ‘When it Rain’ will confuse the fuck out of Zoolander rap fans and thats ok. Im cool with that. The only problem with this album is that it reminds you of what you’re missing.

In era of recycled predictable mumble rap Danny dropped the hardest album of the year by choice. He hit the fork in the road and chose not to dumb down or commercialise, he celebrated the art form in the best way possible. Who else would have the balls to pay homage to Outkast like he does on ‘Today’? This is truly what the game was missing, raw uncompromising hard shit.

Thank you Danny Brown.