danny seth backstage

Whats Your Perception Of Danny Seth?

I’ve got a lot of time for Danny Seth, he’s a very dope MC from London who clearly traverses in his own lane. His name has been ringing out for a while, but I first caught up with him at SXSW 14, since then he’s been on my show a few times, dropped a killer verse on G Eazy’s album, and he’s on the constant grind, performing, recording, connecting.

This years been a pivotal moment for Danny and his team as he launches his highly anticipated ‘Perception’ project. Kicking off with a very exclusive show at the Courtyard, London, this is a very special Arrival night. After sell-out crowds with some of the hottest global stars, Arrival switches it’s focus a little closer to home and introduces one of the hottest UK acts right now to debut his first ever official UK show on Wednesday 15th April.

Taking his influences from all over the US – North South East and West, Danny truly is a hip-hop all-rounder offering something unique and diverse. He’s spent the last year working on his highly anticipated upcoming project – Perception, as well as shooting a mini-movie to complement it. Having already racked up over 1.5 million soundcloud hits, his following continues to grow marking him as one of the UK’s brightest lyrical hopes.

He has also been hard at work contributing to his collective Last Night In Paris’ upcoming project – Pure. One thing is for sure – having been noticed by the likes of Pharrell, Tyga and Kanye – Danny Seth is one to watch. Currently living between Los Angeles and London, Danny has travelled the world to play shows from the US all the way to Russia. He is creating a powerful buzz in music and fashion circles alike, leading into 2015, people are realising that… The British Are Coming.