Danny Seth Spills Blood In ‘T.I.O.T.E’ Visual

Following the release of his debut album, ‘Perception’, London-born rapper Danny Seth comes through with the second instalment of his conceptual visual release with ‘Time Is Of The Essence’.

It’s a sinister and haunting continuation to his debut video, ‘I Arise Because’, with Seth pulling up in his infamous noble steed- the BMW i8 to kick off a dark turn of events. The video represents a short journey of a perplexed and mysterious man, retracing his steps in a bid to resurrect the truth behind his bloodied hands.

The subtle intricacies in ‘T.I.O.T.E’ are remarkable, with Danny Seth and fellow directors Dylan Knight and Marat Shaya setting the scene of the dingy nightclub perfectly: from the couple having sex in the bathroom stall, to the brooding vandalism adorning the mirror reflecting a man cleansing his hands. With each scene, the colour changes to fit the mood nuances this man is experiencing, with green in the bathroom expressing the realisation of his actions and red representing terror in the face of Seth covered in blood, performing frantically in front of his beloved Union Jack.

Unlike any of his contemporaries in British hip hop, Seth might overthink things but it translates into a wild introspection with his concepts; traits that will likely resonate with and intrigue the U.S hip hop scene, a culture he’s determined to break into. The irony of Seth’s British propaganda, such as his ‘The British Are Coming’ slogans and symbols incorporated in his videos, is that he felt his hometown of London didn’t accept his diversification of musical cultures: “The whole story of the album starts off by how my own hometown didn’t accept what I was doing… I never let anyone tell me I couldn’t make the music I always loved, so I kept going, and realized people were listening.”

Danny Seth honours his British roots regardless of whether his home turf is a tricky terrain to him but he might just be right about one thing – the British are finally coming to shake the game up in America with a ruckus.