Darnell Williams Goes From The Bottom To ‘Round Here’

What are the chances of turning around your luck, stepping out from behind the camera and taking the mic in front of the camera. It worked for Kanye right? Making a move from behind the scenes as a producer to mega man, paid off million fold.

So can it work out for Darnell Williams? The Detroit born and L.A based rapper hasn’t just been on both sides of the game but is clawing his way back again after hitting rock bottom. Williams was no college dropout, after graduating with an art degree from Columbia in Chicago, he found himself shooting videos for the likes of Big Sean, but there was no plan for a turn of bad luck that left him homeless. As one of the trio behind IllRoots, living in blog circles also brought him into the inner circle of the rap scene and once things turned sour with his team, one thing Darnell didn’t lose a taste for was wanting to be a rapper. After cutting up a video in 3 weeks for his track ‘Boss Up Den Flex’, it took a tweet from Travi$, to finally move Darnell out of the slump.

Since dropping a 2 minute self-directed video for ‘South Central,’ Darnell Williams has kept it coming and followed up with more new material with his single ‘Round Here’ taking it back to his hometown roots. You can harbour dreams to leave your hometown but your hometown doesn’t leave you, as Darnell takes us round there, “It’s a song about the other side of Detroit- the side 8-mile the movie didn’t talk about, the side journalists could never cover because they aren’t welcome.

Check out ‘Round Here’ below and recognise once you’ve been at the bottom there’s only one way to go…

*UPDATE: Turns out we got it wrong, and we have another college dropout on the grind , as Darrell tweeted us later, “This is lit. ? but I didn’t finish college haha.”