Dave Drops A Double Hitter With ’71’ & ‘Two Birds No Stones’ Videos

It’s been a year and some for Dave putting in major work setting out his position and gathering the attention of some of those you never knew were watching.

Maybe it took a Drake remix for others to take note but with all the extra scrutiny that’s come with his ascent, some day ones aren’t planning to be stay ones. Dave’s still putting in the work, making moves across the channel in L.A and following up his Drake Remix, with some new visuals, including his own remix of Drake’s recent ‘Two Birds, One Stone’. While Drake directed some precision shots in his own verses, Dave’s in a more reflective mode, sending no stones on his version, but talking truths about the jealousies that thrive when successes arrive.

Supporting your people until someone gets successful, Because you want someone to blow until they actually do

OVO Sound Episode 35, opened with DJ Premier first up in the mix kicking off with the exclusive remix from Dave – ‘Two Birds No Stone’. It’s got the internet wagging again, but regardless of what comes off of the OVO connect, Dave’s visibly on the up and up.

Prior to the remix, Dave also released the 4th video treatment from his ‘Six Paths’ EP, of his final track ’71’, also shot in L.A – check out both videos above and below: