Dave Featuring Drake

This is the best time ever for music. Technically everyone is worldwide now thanks to the net, the digital sales platforms, and digital radio. There is a thirst for our own music, there’s a hunger across the board to push things further.

Dave Wanna Know

It’s dope that overseas artists shine a light on our scene and there is a history of US superstars helping UK artists; from Drake, Jay-z, Kanye West, Nas, Chance The Rapper, and Wiz Khalifa, to Puff Daddy, Beyonce, Akon, Shakira, and Chris Brown. They have all done it, some several times over, some more visual than others. Just because it isn’t on a timeline this season it doesn’t mean their contribution is any less relevant.

It’s great that some international artists have collaborated more than other artists, and regardless of who or what or how many times it is always a ‘thank you and your welcome’ scenario. US artists are equally influenced by what happens out here and benefit from the UK experience whether it’s music, fashion, language, way of thinking, or fanbase.

At the same time a lot of UK artists like Dizzee, Kano, BBK, Stormzy, Lil Simz, Jay Prince etc. have had a worldwide presence before any kind of superstar co-sign and have been consistantly putting our scenes on the map. Helping UK artists is all good, but our artists are definitely not ‘helpless’ and will win regardless of whether they get a superstar co-sign or not.

It is well documented that I’m one of the earliest supporters of Drake, and it really is dope to see him on the verge of taking rap somewhere that it has never been before. I recently wrote in the ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ book that it is revolutionary to see a Canadian MC at the top of the rap game. It can only mean that the floodgates are open for more international acts to ‘get it in’ in the US as he has broken down a lot of barriers and influenced MCs across the globe to level up.

It is well documented that i’m one of the earliest supporters of Dave, and it is dope that Drake jumped on a Dave track, but don’t ever get it confused…. I’m more gassed by the fact that an emerging independent UK artist such as Dave has released a brilliant debut EP and created a track that someone of Drake’s stature wants to jump on. For me that’s the win, that’s the true authentic progression.


Look at that…..’Dave featuring Drake’ all over the official digital sales platforms, check out the artwork. It’s powerful, revolutionary, needle moving.

I just hope that that those that are gassed by Drake jumping on a track by Dave support him all the way and not just fuel the gas of a 16 bar feature. Gas Dave’s ‘Six Paths’ EP, gas his videos, gas his forth-coming album in the same way.

Dave – Wanna Know Remix (feat Drake) is available to cop and stream everywhere.