Dave Flows Through Venice In ‘Wanna Know’ Video

Dave made his debut to most of us with ‘Jekyll & Hyde’. A lyrical tornado filled with stories of infliction from a teenager sitting on steps with his bredrins. Fast forward some months and Dave is still sitting on those same steps with his friends. But this time, he’s taking his bredrins with him to catch a flight to Venice and shoot the video for ‘Wanna Know‘.

This latest release was premiered by MistaJam on 1Xtra and immediately took hold all over social media. Dave is flexing his artistic muscle with this song, not only using his rap skills to demonstrate flows but also holding a note or two. A fusion of melodies and bars on ‘Wanna Know’ bring another element to Dave’s music and it works.

“I put forty on my H&M jeans and the rest came free / I told my mum I’ll give her everything I own”

As much as Dave sings on this track, the words don’t stray far from what we’ve heard from Dave so far about his experiences in life. The video shows Dave and his friends leaving the greys skys of Streatham behind and enjoying their time together in the Italian sunshine. It’s a demonstration in the progression Dave has shown in how he uses music to elevate himself. It’s been a month since he dropped ‘Picture Me‘ in the lead up to his forthcoming EP ‘Six Paths’, a clear testament to his storytelling ability. It’s more than a presumption that people wanna know what’s next from this talented MC.

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