Dave Raises A Toast In Cinematic New Visual For ‘Tequila’

Dave releases new visual for ‘Tequila’

Over the last three years we’ve all been tuned into Dave’s ascension to greatness and, with each release the levels inch higher. Last year, Nathan Tuft noted: “Dave has been unapologetic about his lyrics as he paints a picture of modern youth and society”. In his interview with Dave, Tuft wasted no time in unpicking the burgeoning mind of this young artist, “Looking at those early videos, when Dave closes his eyes, he opens up to the mic we’re merely serving as onlookers to his story. As Dave raps about his family, his life and his hardships on the road, you can tell that he means every word and these sessions are, as he says, his form of therapy.”

JKYL+HYD feels like a lifetime ago by now, so rapid has Dave’s progression been. Lyrically mature from the outset; the visual quality of each of Dave’s video releases has matured in line with his coin. Creatively, Dave has always been ambitious, audio matching visual for complete storytelling. Whether it’s the macabre black and white of ‘Six Paths’, the mandem on tour settings of ‘Thiago Silva’ or the more introspective offerings like ‘Samantha’ or ‘Two Birds No Stones’ Dave’s output remains not only elegant but impressive in scope.

In Dir Lx, Dave has found a creative that is able to visually deliver the ambition his lyrics promise; and their latest project ‘Tequila’ only raises that bar yet again. Produced by Fraser T. Smith and 169, ‘Tequila’ initially debuted on Dave’s LA Leakers appearance three months ago, the lyrics will be familiar to plenty of people – but once again, Dave retains the element of surprise with visuals that are not only plush but cinematic.

As artists, both Dave and Dir Lx have found the balance; it’s understated stunting. It’s clean. The humblebrag made visual. If you’re a fan of his work, you can’t help but feel a swell of pride as Dave continues to set pace. We know the pain of his past, it’s watching Dave now own his world that makes his rise so enjoyable to see.