Dave Wants Answers With ‘Question Time’

If the past year has taught us one thing, it’s that musicians have a responsibility in music. From events such as the US and UK elections, to military attacks in the Middle East and the EU refrerendum, there has been a surge in musicians taking to the booth and social media to air their concerns.

From 2016 being The Year of the Underdog to MCs within the scene pledging their vote in this year’s general election, we have seen an unprecedented rise in topics rarely discussed before. Never one to shy away, UK rapper Dave has stepped up to the plate and delivered his latest offering, ‘Question Time’. Taken from his upcoming EP, ‘Game Over’, the track aims to get answers with direct questions to Theresa May, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn.

“There’s been a lot I’ve been watching in the world for the past year that I haven’t said which I feel like I need to say. So here we are…” – Dave

Speaking out on recent tragic events such as the Grenfall Tower fire, the war in Syria and the UK election, Dave tackles each with witty wordplay and a punching delivery, using his signature metaphors to emphasise unanswered questions. This is nothing new from Dave, his last EP ‘Six Paths’ was littered with jabs to the government and politicial system, with ‘Breathe’ claiming “South London is like the Garden of Eden and that House of Commons is where the serpents dance”. But with ‘Question Time’, this is Dave focusing on his targets and taking full aim at the injustices and discrepancies he sees.

The track itself is bold, brave and should be valued for it’s lyrical content. While he has hooked up with regular collaborator Fraser T Smith for the track, it’s all about the bars and Dave is not afraid to speak his mind. With a considerable and ever growing fanbase, ‘Question Time’ should show his following that having an interest in politics is not “uncool” and that the power and voice of the youth is not one to be ignored.

“And if you haven’t had the thought to vote yet or protest because you don’t really see the progress. I hope you know what they’re saying is affecting us. The small steps are way better than no steps”

Pre-order ‘Game Over’ EP on multiple platforms here and purchase tickets for Dave’s upcoming UK tour here (tickets go on sale on Thursday 12th October).