Dave Wants ‘Revenge’

After linking up with J Hus for ‘Samantha’, a piano-driven track that underlined the pair’s penchant for bars and melody, Dave’s back with a new single and a different agenda.

Up until now, Dave’s handed off a lot of the production duties to 169, who produced an OVO-ready hit in the form of ‘Wanna Know’, and flipped Ruff Sqwad’s ‘Pied Piper’ instrumental into ‘Thiago Silva’ (a pretty bold move; you don’t fuck around with sacred grime instrumentals unless you’ve got a pretty good reason to. That being said – ‘Thiago Silva’ was an excellent reason). This time, however, with the help of Fraser T Smith, Dave’s hopped on FL Studio himself to create ‘Revenge’.

It’s got his personal stamp all over it as well. The production and Director Lx’s visuals pay homage to 8-bit Nintendo games, a particular pastime that Dave often refers to, while the bars demonstrate Dave’s got his patented analogous punchlines on lock: ‘Still go to war over a rack (Iraq) like Tony Blair’.

Along with illustration from Tyler Remike, the video features a variety of athletes in training. This seems to be a bit of a theme in Dave’s catalogue, and reflects his acknowledgement of ambition as a collective trait. That is to say, Dave often ponders his own success in conjunction with that of others – a feat of maturity which you would struggle to find in any other eighteen-year-old, let alone an eighteen-year-old rapper.