Dayo Bello Dives Into Deep Soul With ‘You’

2017 has undoubtedly been a year of R&B, musicians the world over have been out to stake their claim on the genre and BRIT school alumni Dayo Bello is the latest to make his mark with second single ‘You’.

A follow up to his debut release ‘Mine’, ‘You’ slows the pace once more, giving time for the melody to grow. Self produced by Dayo, ‘You’ is all about getting hung up on someone special, “this song means a lot to me. it’s about appreciating someone who you love and who’s been a huge blessing to your life” Dayo says of the track.

Dayo’s unhurried arrangement of the track hints at his BRIT school polish with Alistair O’Donnell adding his own acoustic flourishes on guitar. At 20 years old, Dayo starts his Soul journey with R&B on the rise once more.