Denzel Curry Delivers An ‘Ultimate’ Visual Treatment

After 3 long years since its release Denzel Curry has finally created a visual for his track ‘Ultimate’ and it was well, WELL worth the wait. The video comes alongside the release of Denzel’s new track ‘Sumo’ which once again see’s Denzel channelling his “Ultimate Denzel Curry” persona with a flat out bass-rattling, eardrum smashing aggression that has been a staple to the latest chapter in his career.

Directed by Mike Piscitelli the new visuals for ‘Ultimate’ shows Denzel on a one track mission of destruction as he takes out his rap aggression on an old beat-up whip. With a clear nod to old Street Fighter fans as well as anime super-hero’s, Denzel showcases the true power of this side of his persona.

But it’s credit to director Mike Piscitelli who’s incredible creative vision really shines in this video. There isn’t a single shot which doesn’t keep the audience on their toes from a crazy whipping body mount to some unreal visual FX and stunts, it shows how a simple concept of a person smashing a Lexus LS400, can soon become a visual extravaganza thanks to an incredibly talented team.

Streaming exclusively on Apple Music it’s no surprise that it instantly became the number 1 streamed video on their service soon after its release.

Check the full video online as well as our exclusive Cover Story with the main man himself during his trip to London – The Ultimate Creation of Denzel Curry.