Deputy BBHMM
1/3 - Deputy talks about how he got involved with BBHMM
Deputy producer in the studio
Deputy BBHMM
3/3 - Talking Live on Air with DJ Semtex on the Friday Night Mixtape

Deputy Speaks About ‘BBHMM’

Deputy is currently one of the hottest new hitmakers to breakthrough and you may not know him by name but you definitely know the latest single he’s produced for Rihanna ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’.

Deputy has already collaborated with A-list writers and artists such as Wale, Rick Ross J.Cole, Neyo, French Montana, Flo Rida, The Dream and Sean Garret.

“I feet like it hasn’t hit me yet, it’s so surreal, its great to experience and watch”

Look out for the forthcoming video where Deputy talks about the Method of making music – right here. In the meantime you can check out his conversation with Semtex on 1xtra.