Devontée Is WOA And On GodSpeed

Devontée is on a District Vibe, and the Toronto rapper may sound familiar, but that’s cos he’s the man who originally coined the WOE’s that had Drake all knowing himself.

WOE *working on excellence is a term that epitomises the kind of lyrical escapade that gets Devontée through the ‘District Vibe’ with a very different view of the 6, he’s got hunger pangs and he’s got no time for the right now, he’s living life in Toronto like it’s the new Gotham.

The Toronto rapper and producer is articulate on his cuts from ‘The Ends’ to the single ‘Bare Tings’ as well as heavy dose of reality on the final cut ‘Godspeed’ featuring Joey Bada$$ spitting some “20/20 shit”. The 14-track mixtape has WOE•ronto running through it’s veins, and Devontée’s not wrong when he say’s his timings not wrong, his timings now.

Jesse Ohtake of The Academy, who promotes a monthly night in Toronto called The Hustle, has a lot of respect for Devotee’s grind –  “He really broke out this summer with his single “Bare tings.” He popped by The Hustle last month as a surprise guest during Leila Dey’s set and he killed that song – the crowd all knew the words.”

Get to know why Devotee’s killing it with his tracks, listen to the full EP below – you’ll be singing along with his WOE’s.