Ibeyi cover Jay Electronica

Did Ibeyi Just Cover Jay Electronica?

Ibeyi have released and recorded an infectious new song and lyric video ‘Exhibit Diaz’, their reinterpretation of Jay Electronica’s ‘Better in Tune With The Infinite’, a song they previously  performed as an acoustic track on their live dates.

The duo are total hip-hop heads but you wouldn’t have guessed it unless you’d heard their music till now. Ibeyi are a pair of 20-year-old French-Cuban twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Díaz, and their debut album Ibeyi has been garnering critical acclaim across the board with its fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and traditional Yorùbán music.

We expect these girls will be stacking up nominations come awards season.  The girls have had many of us in awe of their honey smooth vocals since Ibeyi’s album came out in February. ‘Exhibit Diaz’ is a fresh dose of their brilliant ability to fuse hip-hop into a smooth electronic sound and what better then to cover a Jay Electronica  track “Better In Tune With The Infinite.”

Ibeyi have now had the endorsement of Queen Bey herself, when she featured their track ‘River‘ on her Instagram video 2 days ago to accompany footage from her recent Vogue cover story.

Ibeyi have announced a world tour and will be performing 7 days across the U.K, starting in November.