‘Did You See’ What J Hus Dun?

His distinct twist on today’s rap and afroswing vibe has captured the public’s attention with his overdue comeback after last dropping his single ‘Friendly’ ranking 7.2 million views on YouTube. The 20-year-old artist switches up the music scene currently dominated with the sounds of UK rap and the resurgence of Grime.

J Hus dropped ‘Did You See’ last week, a track that is just as catchy – one to ‘vibe and bubble’ along to. Another young artist back on the radar amongst many emerging figures made the announcement of his first tour across the UK yesterday. Jhus’ new hit ‘Did you see’ highlights the MC’s exuberant energies with the combination of his playful innuendos and concept. His natural feeling flow and simple music video with a couple of the mandem work hand in hand; a sighting of Jhus in his element. A welcome return that reflects a different vibe with something much more chilled J Hus continues to remain true with his innate style and original music.

‘I’m just a hoodlum I came with the bonsam when niggas wanna try some.’

This inevitable enjoyment places Jhus in his own lane, and something about this seems to have stronger elements of his own personality. This release has already alluded to 2017’s summer vibes ranking up 1 million views in 5 days. I guess it’s not always about remaining serious or looking like the hardest out there, with a little flash of a black and white Benz and the share of smiles and skanks amongst the guys.

J Hus’ 2017 is looking promising after the release of his collaboration with Stormzy, Dave and Nines setting expectations high for the rest of the year – a fast uprising for the young artist. Tickets are on sale now for the UK Tour.