DJ Khaled Drops a ‘Shining’ Surprise Featuring Beyonce & Jay-Z

Just as the Grammy Awards came to a close last night, DJ Khaled dropped another one with the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Grateful’. Featuring the biggest power couple on the planet, Beyonce and Jay-Z glow up on ‘Shining’, their first single together since 2013’s ‘Drunk In Love’.

It all seems to be about the family business, as Khaled’s also had a bit of a glow about himself recently with the birth of his son Asahd Tuck Khaled. Featured on the cover and as the Executive Producer, Khaled’s son is credited as the inspiring force behind Khaled’s next project. The first single ‘Shining’ literally flew out the park, having been put together at the speed of light, with the collaboration only finished last night and dropped exclusively on Tidal within a few hours.

Could ‘Shining’ possibly be a taster for the long awaited joint album with Jay and Bey? With Beyonce’s twin pregnancy and another standout Grammy performance, who knows when but till then, they seem pretty content to keep winning hearts and minds, Beyoncé took away two Grammy awards last night for Best Music Video and Best Urban Contemporary Album but it wasn’t a sweep as expected with the ‘Album Of The Year’ going to Adele – “All of this good, I don’t feel bad for it, yeah / When you see me smile, you can’t be mad at it, yeah.”

Jay’s verse is fresher than fresh with a shout out to his expectant twins, “Don’t let me have a son, I’m a fool (ooooh) /Send him to school in all my jewels / I want a boy and girl, I fight for truth / Whatever God give me, I’m cool”. Putting the record straight, it isn’t all sweetness and light on ‘Shining’, with Jay dropping a shot to any contenders vying for his throne, and reminding them about his 21 Grammys and 12 platinum solo albums. Check out ‘Shining’ below;