DJ Khaled Gets The Last Roc-A-Fella Chain From Jay-Z

Dj Khaled Price Goes Up! New Management alert! Jay Z is Dj Khaled’s Manager.

So it just keeps getting more curious by the minute, with every smear campaign about Tidal and Roc Nation, a new set of power plays are emerging that have got us wishing we were a fly on the wall in those negotiations. Operating a multi-media platform is looking like the shrewdest hand that Jay-Z’s played so far and he’s still getting more and more of the biggest power artists in the industry on side.

Whatever’s about to go down with Samsung x Tidal, nothing will be the same – the lines are blurred, Jay-Z is connecting his deals to his platforms and whatever the naysayers have to say about Tidal, since Kanye, Rihanna and Beyonce’s releases the renegotiations are about to go next level. All artists are now looking to lock down deals across streaming services, management companies and major labels. Reality is if you’re strictly business you need to get your affairs straight and right now regardless of what the tech media or mainstream media have to say about it – they really don’t seem to know enough about it.

Jay-Z is continuing to shake up the industry guard, and the latest announcement within less than a month of his deal with Apple Music and Beats 1, comes from DJ Khaled, who’s just inked a management deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. Receiving the last remaining Roc-a-fella chain – that’s some serious MVP shit – check out the video above.

DJ Khaled Jay-Z Chain

Just don’t underestimate or be too quick to right off the developments over the coming months. Tidal look like they’re still cleaning house, making executive changes, locking down more deals – including a new partnership deal with TIDAL and T.I (Tip) for his next album and a distribution deal with Roc Nation. As T.I explained in his interview with WhooKid “Equity and ownership is always good in my opinion, man.

With over 2.5 million subscribers now signed up to Tidal since Kanye dropped his Tidal exclusive ‘The Life Of Pablo’ – a few backtrackers are already having to eat their words –  just accept that Jay-Z, Tidal and Roc Nation plan to up the Anti.