Do You Want An Instant Boyfriend Mixtape?

‘Instant boyfriend mixtapes’ is Apple’s latest ‘campaign’ unveiled to attract the ladies to its curated music streaming service – are you all stampeding to Apple Music now?

The new ad campaign was launched during the Emmy Awards last night, and featured an all star cast of Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and Mary J Blige getting together to sift through a box of old mixtapes before checking out the ‘boyfriend in the laptop’ option. The commercial is the 1st part of a 3 part ad campaign directed by Ava DuVernay and has already become one of the most tweeted events of the Emmy’s almost overshadowing the ceremony itself.

Trying to recreate the nostalgia for some of those old school music mixtapes, the commercial features 3 of the most iconic women in music and television to show us what we’re missing. We can’t deny that watching these 3 beautiful ladies hanging out hasn’t captivated audiences worldwide, but we’d just like to make a point that we don’t all need an ‘instant new boyfriend’ to curate our mixtapes or our playlists – thanks for the offer of some computer love ‘Apple’?


Yes women do love music, surprised anyone? Admittedly although hardly the most empowering catchphrase for a commercial during a history making Emmy awards, the ‘message’ hasn’t distracted us from appreciating Kerry, Mary and Taraji, dancing to some old school classics from Busta, Puffy, Blackstreet and well even questionably for some – Phil Collins. As for Apple Music’s suggestion of taking up their new boyfriend service – sorry but meh!

Apple Music may be better of rolling with personalised mixtapes, which they’ve actually already patented as a ‘digital mixed tape’ concept. The personalized gifted mixtapes, are outlined in the application stating: “The digital age has lost some of the personalization that was available during the analog age. For example, the creation and gifting of a cassette mixed tape was a popular activity between two parties. The compilation of songs would be recorded on a cassette tape and given to another on a special occasion such as a birthday or on Valentine’s Day.”

Personalised mixtapes haven’t been publicised yet but this could be a precursor to a new Valentines Day campaign about to be unleashed on us in a few months time – so while we remain guessing if we’ll get to experience the ‘real boyfriend digital mixtape’ you’ll just have to make do with Apple’s ‘Instant Boyfriend mixtape’. What say all the ‘single ladies’ out there?