Don’t Bother Shakka

Music has always been used to tell a story. Sometimes deep, sometimes fictional. But artists use the medium to convey their innermost thoughts and dreams. Shakka, a multi-talented artist from West London, has been known to create entire environments with his EP’s like ‘The Island’. He has proven that he is capable of transporting the listeners to places where they are required to engage their imagination so that the music can shine through.

The thing is, Shakka is also a normal guy and songs like ‘Say Nada’ describe a man who likes to go out, have a drink and talk to girls. The multi-award winning singer has a talent for accurately describing experiences with a bit of humour mixed in. This is demonstrated by his latest offering, ‘Don’t Bother Me’.

Starting with some rudeboy patois which expresses the need to get some space, Shakka sticks with the West Indian twang as he sings the chorus. Once the beat drops, you may find yourself moving to it unconsciously. The percussion is fast-paced and striking. Once the verse starts, the drums switch up and allow you to hear Shakka talk to you about trying to wind down after a full day at the studio. This song is structured to keep your attention, and every 4 bars, something changes. Whether it’s the drums or the digitised melodies, Shakka’s productions keep your ears intrigued to what may be happening next. His bouncy instrumentation leads you into a funny encounter with a woman whose physical form is cleverly described to allow you to create an image in your mind.

Hmmm my size / Thick thighs and she studies Muay Thai /  She drive on me buss a slow whine / ’cause her hips wide like she’s given life twice

Shakka is one of the UK’s treasures. A talented individual who has written and produced the majority of the songs that he performs. Known to create music that can be played almost anywhere and collaborated with some of the best artists we have in the UK, he’s definitely someone you need to tune into.