Don’t Look Away, Usher And Nas Reveal ‘Chains’

Usher and Nas have released an interactive music video for the politically charged track ‘Chains’, also featuring Bibi Bourelly exclusively on Tidal. It’s an interactive experience that does not make it possible to look away.

“Chains” is one of the most direct campaigns to provoke people to confront the issue of the unlawful killings and police brutality in the U.S.  If you try to either look away or switch to another tab, browser or page the video will stop playing. It’s a potent message and with the media whitewash on this shameful epidemic, the video is asking people to look deeper at the circumstances facing these tragic deaths. It’s a powerful message delivered in one of the most powerful ways on the internet.

Don't Look Away

“While racial injustice keeps killing, society keeps looking away, facing the facts is the first step towards change.”

Look deeper to learn about other victims just #DontLookAway – look at Chains.