Don’t Sleep On Obongjayar Coming Through ‘Creeping’

Alternative Hip-Hop in the UK has rarely looked healthier. Away from the sound of UK Drill, artists from across the country continue to pierce the mainstream consciousness, giving audiences insight into the vast untapped depths we are yet to fully explore.

Whether ItsNate, Shadez The Misfit or any of the High Focus TV roster the depth and variation is undeniable. The latest artist to take their place in this rapidly evolving scene is Obongjayar – pronounced, ore-bong-jay-are as his Instagram reminds us. His debut single, entitled, ‘Creeping’ is the first from his self released EP and is accompanied with a video (watch above) directed by the critically acclaimed Frank Lebon. Deeply soulful and unapologetically emotive, ‘Creeping’ is a ballad packed with fascination and wonder of a city at night.

Originally from Nigeria, Obongjayar moved to the UK when he reached 17 and has since split his time between London and Norwich. Filled with darkness and a sense of anguish, ‘Creeping’ powerfully conveys an ever present sense of both optimism and anxiety, fear and possibility at what waits us in the dark.

Obongjayar starts strongly with his intensely haunting ballad to the night, with details of the EP release date and live shows still to follow he is surely another name to keep an eye on for 2017.