Don’t Touch A$AP Rocky’s ‘RAF’ ft. Playboi Carti, Quavo & Frank Ocean

A$ap Rocky has assembled the ultimate tag team for the ‘RAF’ track & visuals. Laced with a freestyle flow, Rocky, Carti and Huncho stunt against a white background and optical illusions. And how can we forget Lil Uzi Vert and the elusive Frank Ocean on the track too.

They’ve got one simple warning: “Please don’t touch my RAF“. Don’t be the clumsy kid in the rave that makes that mistake.

The trippy video concept showcases the most eccentric styles from the Raf Simons brand. The designer is renowned for his contemporary art flair, geometric prints and asymmetrical silhouettes. And it shows in the video. From orange turtle necks, oversized cashmeres, pink jackets and wild flared trousers. Not forgetting the hyped Raf runners.

Call this a subtle brag from Pretty Flacko and gang. Check out the video.