DP Gets Into The Love Of With D.R.A.M

Nothing in DP’s bars is subtle, it’s straight to the point and sharp as a razor, and straight off the back of his new video for ‘Jabar‘, DP links up with D.R.A.M on his next new cut.

Life on the streets on Virginia, isn’t about money, it’s just real outside and ‘For The Love Of’ is a stark and dark view about the raw reality of the come up seen through the eyes of DP and D.R.A.M. Premiered on Billboard, the recent 300 Ent signee, introduced his new collab – “D.R.A.M. and I are both from the 757 and we’re just telling you how shit is on our side.” They’ve been telling shit from their side before on ‘50/50‘ and ‘Superlit‘ but this time it’s a grittier picture of the 757.

DP is readying up to drop his ‘Designer Casket‘ mixtape, featuring two tracks with D.R.A.M., and Wara from the NBHD, on Nov. 11, in the meantime check out ‘For The Love Of’ below;