Drake Ain’t Playin’ In ‘Childs Play’

Even after a reigning run on every chart going around the globe, Drake has somehow managed to hold back and give us nothing visual from ‘Views’, till now that is.

‘Childs Play’ was teased last night and shortly after premiered on Apple Music with a running time of 12 minutes. It’s not the short film that Drake’s been promising but looks more like the prelude story to ‘Please Forgive Me’ that’s expected to premiere on Sept 30th.

‘Childs Play’ features Tyra Banks in the co-starring role as the phone snooping girlfriend and yes ladies, lets just be straight, how many damn times have you had to explain that you’re not acting all crazy when your mans been acting up? Tyra drops it like a Beyonce and puts her issues right on the table, in public at the Cheesecake factory, taking that slice of cheesecake and putting it right where it belongs. Drake, in response takes himself and his consequences, right to the strip club just after a drawn out comedic interlude.

Directed by Carlos “Spiff TV” Suarez, Drake fans will undoubtedly be finding some ‘cheesy’ gif moments to drive us nuts with, in the meantime watch the complete cut below;