Drake Kanye & Jay-Z View The Throne On ‘Pop Style’

Drake knows exactly what he’s just started after kicking off the countdown on ‘Views’ with a take from the Throne.

The first single to officially drop on iTunes was the recently leaked ‘One Dance’ with Drake dropping the next official single ‘Pop Style’ following within minutes, simply credited as featuring The Throne which turns out to be Jay-Z and Kanye back to back.

With every big album being windowed behind exclusives on either Tidal or Apple, today the windows got a little tinted as the titans of Tidal both jumped on Drakes ‘Pop Style. Jay’s all about business and keeps it to two straight lines “They still out to get me they don’t get it, I can not be gotten, that’s a given” with Kanye left to a takeover on a post Pablo verse.

‘One Dance’ comes through as the softer side of Drake, delivering a dancehall tinged take on Crazy Cousinz and Kyla’s ‘Do U Mind’, who also features on the track alongside Wizkid.

For now, both singles are now available on iTunes everywhere – download or stream Pop Style and One Dance on Apple Music now.

*Update – Both releases are also now available to stream on Tidal – listen to ‘Pop Style’ and ‘One Dance‘ now

It looks like Apple didn’t nail Drake as a world exclusive this time, clearly a deal was cut as a quid pro quo to get Jay-Z and Kanye to drop a few lines in exchange for streaming the tracks from the off on Tidal. Thats right – Jay’s all about the business!