DVSN Got Us Living With ‘Hallucinations’

Ok enough, the mystery is killing us, can we please just stop with anonymous releases in 2016 – lets call this the last one, we get it, we know the music should speak for itself, but c’mon already!

We’re not bitching, but fact is DVSN isn’t just letting the music do the talking, he’s got us hearing his voice in our head night after night – or hang on a minute isn’t that what he’s crooning about in the forth release he’s graced us with since mysteriously arriving on the scene 2 months ago? If DVSN has someone to be feeling haunted about, trust us we know the feeling now, a slow and sultry jam produced to perfection, no credits to its name, all we know is this is what we want for Xmas.

Although it’s only days before we head into the next episode, 2016’s got some pretty strong contenders lining up already and we’re pretty sure in a short space of time DVSN has managed to cut through and get us to pay attention. Something tells me that until 2016 we’ll be living with some pretty blissful ‘Hallucinations’.