Dylan Brady Flips Heartbreak For The Lonely Ones

Considering how you look at music these days – St. Louis, Missouri native Dylan Brady could be seen as experimental or an artist with the uncanny ability to put his own spin on a range of music genres.

In this age of the DIY artist, Brady is somewhat an all rounder, heading up all of his own recording, production, artistic direction, and video direction. This new track “When It’s Cold” is an ode to the lonely ones, and features a cast who all contribute together seamlessly: Dom McLennon, laces an incredible cut-throat verse over the airy instrumental; Lewis Grant, adds another verse ‘falling to pieces’ and trying to breakaway from the cycle; and Saputo brings the emotive and earthy hook cutting through the heartbreak.

From the hip-hop influenced ‘All I Ever Wanted‘ EP to his recent experimental-pop excursion Cake Pop, Brady’s certainly got a knack for production and creative aesthetics. What’s becoming clearer with each drop is that he’s an artist you might just want to put on your watch list.