Ebenezer X Col3trane Don’t Miss In New ‘Stats’ Visual

Ebenezer and Col3trane come together once again for a brand new collab, ‘Stats’. A love letter to hoeism, Ebenezer keeps it upfront firing off a slew of warning shots about his ability to take your girl. Apparently not one to miss when it comes to a bitch, Ebenezer bobs and weaves through London backdrops, surfing a party vibe.

Directed by none other than Dir.Lx, it’s clearly a chemistry that works as all three (Ebenezer, Dir.Lx & Col3trane) come through full of nonchalant swagger, “My good friend Dir.Lx and I had so much fun making this. Can’t wait for you to hear more of what’s to come.’’ Ebenezer said of the experience.

Taken from Ebenezer’s debut ‘Bad Romantic’ EP, ‘Stats’ is a lighthearted change of pace – Stunt. Party. Swag. Repeat.