Elijah & Skilliam Provide The Grime Soundtrack For 2016

This year, Grime has risen from the underground and increased its profile in the ranks of society with enough good tunes released to leave us spoilt for choice. Fortunately, Grime representers Elijah & Skilliam have followed on from the success of their last complication and brought us up to date with ‘Grime 2016’.

Although there have been many Grime compilations this year, ‘Grime 2016’, released on independent record label Butterz, steps away from including songs that came out over a decade ago and stays present. Songs like ‘Stereotype’ by P Money and Swindle’s ‘Lemon Trees’ with D Double E keeps everything current.

This album emulates the feel of a Grime set played by DJs that stay on top on what actually works in the clubs. This is light work for Elijah & Skilliam who are often touring the world spreading Grime music to international crowds. As you get deeper into the album, songs like ‘Moving’ by Bugzy Malone and ‘Go Back’ by C4 provide the right vibe for that drive home back from the rave.

This compilation serves as a cheat code for listeners who need to be brought up to speed with the tracks that have been making crowds lose it and demanding reloads from DJs nationwide. With underground hits from Ghetts, Skepta, and CapoLee, ‘Grime 2016’ is sure to stay in CD changers and streaming playlists well into 2017.

Grime 2016 can be streamed and purchased here or downloaded on iTunes.