Emeli Sandé, Jay Electronica & Áine Zion Take Us To The ‘Garden’

Were you ready for this? I certainly wasn’t expecting an entrance to the beautiful musical landscape of Emeli Sandé’s ‘Garden’ featuring Jay Electronica and Áine Zion.

Surrendering to the sound of a spiritually sensual mantra, Emeli Sandé’s expression of freedom and passion on ‘Garden’ brings together the elusive magnetism of Jay Electronica and an introduction to a new artist Áine Zion.

‘Garden’ opens with a poetic spoken introduction from Áine Zion, with the words,“I’m not telling you to love what I love; I’m asking you to take time to know who it is that you love and are in love with”. Emeli gracefully enters the garden with a vocally stripped back performance adding a touch of magical realism as she brings to life a feeling of love and devotion.

All too familiar with taking us from euphoria to torture, the near mythical status that’s garnered an almost cult like following for Jay Electronicadraws us in with a breath of fresh lyrical knowledge around the many sides of love and pain, “I love that Purple Rain love, that have a fight, that scratch my face, that fuck outside and ride my motorcycle in the rain love.”

Taken from her forthcoming album, Long Live the Angels out November 11th, there’s something supernatural about a collaboration like this, we strongly recommend you take get ready and take in the ‘Garden’ below;