‘Envy Us’ State Stefflon Don & Abra Cadabra

Stefflon Don continues to prove that work ethic is the core to any success. Over the past 18 months The Don has signed her imprint label V-IV with Universal Records, released her debut mixtape ‘Real Ting’, and headlined her first show, teasing snippets of her studio sessions with Sean Paul.

Now the ’16 Shots’ singer/rapper serves up a saucy video for her Afro-Bashment joint ‘Envy Us’ featuring North London’s golden child Abra Cadabra. Taken from her 2016 ‘Real Ting’ mixtape, ‘Envy Us’ is hugely contagious and effectively draws to the dance floor even if you’re rhythmically challenged.

Directed by the leading lady herself and Luke Biggins, the visual tale brings house party vibes, with cameos from rapper Dutch and Capital Xtra’s Manny Norte. A sensual Stefflon Don and a cool laid back Abra Cadabra go back and forth about how envious people are of their relationship. The two compliment each other in ways that is undeniable and share a chemistry on wax that is unconditionally profitable.

Far from shy, the infectious joint depicts Stefflon Don’s version of beauty that only solidifies what is authentic and honest. Check out the sauce below.