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Eryn Allen Kane Asks ‘How Many Times’

Aesthetics aside, one of the beautiful things about Eryn Allen Kane is the consciousness she personifies as an artist and in her music, seeing it as her duty to talk about things that affect her on and off Twitter.

Eryn is all too aware that as a woman in music, her songs may be perceived as ‘love songs’ or ‘tunes about breakups’ but she’s willing to question and interrogate her own role as a singer and performer in wider society: “Yes. Music and politics have to work together. Music has and always will be about the human condition and our current state as humans.”

The Detroit-raised, Chicago-based artist Eryn Allen Kane, takes it to the heart of the matter with her new single ‘How Many Times’, off of the 2nd series of her forthcoming EP ‘Aviary: Act II’ to be released on February 2nd. One of her most charged tracks to date, ‘How Many Times’ is a piano led, soul infused vocal performance backed with gospel influenced echoes and a tumbling rhythm section. “How many times do I have to tell you we go on and on and on, fight oh…/How many lies do they have to tell you?

Last year Eryn officially debuted her solo EP, ‘Aviary: Act I‘ featuring Eryn’s singles ‘Have Mercy’ and ‘Slipping’, the ‘Being Mary Jane’ premiered ‘Piano Song’ and a previously unreleased cut, ‘Bass Song’.

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