Eryn Allen Kane Opens Her Second Aviary Act

Chicago’s powerhouse of rising stars has recently added a veritable soulstress to the mix with Eryn Allen Kane, who’s solidified herself quickly as ‘Next Up in 2016‘ and become a firm fixture on our radar.

Releasing her debut ‘Aviary: Act I’ in November 2015, a stunning 4-track EP featuring Eryn’s breakout singles ‘Have Mercy’ and ‘Slipping’, as well as the Being Mary Jane featured ‘Piano Song’, Eryn has made a permanent mark. While many of us were left yearning for even more, Eryn has delivered swiftly with the second act of her Aviary EP debut project, adding another 5 songs including her recently released new single ‘How Many Times‘.

The new EP features original classic cuts that merge the past and the present into a future path for Eryn Allen Kane, where it’s not hard to imagine just how far and wide her sound will be reaching. The Detroit-raised, Chicago-based lady in waiting has arrived, if you witnessed the first coming of Alicia Keys and Adele you’ll know just how undeniable that whiff of talent is when it comes. This isn’t another passing fad, artists like Eryn Allen Kane stick around and there’s a reason for that.

‘Aviary: Act II’ is now available at Apple MusicSpotifyTidal, and can be streamed below;