Eryn Allen Kane Rises On ‘Piano Song’

Eryn Allen Kane doesn’t look like she needs to try too hard, as each song she sings is so effortlessly smooth and she’s come through yet again with another one on ‘Piano Song’.

Closing off the latest episode of BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’ starring Gabrielle Union, the Chicago songstress delivers her new record off the back of this summer’s gloriously beautiful ‘Slipping‘. Eryn doesn’t disappoint with ‘Piano Song’ singing her heart into another classic soulful record taking co-writing credits alongside Will Miller.

Eryn Allen Kane makes it look so easy but we know it’s not as easy as it seems, regardless if she keeps reaching those vocal heights she’ll be giving us all the reason to believe she’s getting hers soon enough. Surging with confidence and tenderness in ‘Piano Song’, Eryn may get some lazy comparisons to Alicia Keys but she’s very much in her own stead and part of a new Chicago generation along with the Social Experiment, that keep the sound of soul alive with a breath of fresh air.

Making a cameo appearance in Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq‘, keep your eyes firmly on Eryn Allen Kane and listen with pleasure to ‘Piano Song’ below.