Escape With The Sounds Of JIL On ‘All Your Words’

It’s weird when the summer kicks in, new music just seems gets a bit sparse and we’re sometimes literally rooting around for something to get us into some type of mood. So I literally love it when something totally unexpected hits my radar, gets me out my funk and warrants my full attention!

JIL are a NYC trio of musicians, who are opting to remain anonymous for now but all I needed was one listen of ‘All Your Words’ to get all caught up in their sound. Now a few more rinse and repeats later, I’m hooked to JIL, but I’m not going to patronise you with some cliched run down of every fusion of genres under the sun to describe their sound.

Just listen and all you need to know for now, is that JIL are one singer and two producers, with every member adding in live instrumentation as well as their Moog’s and Dave Smith’s to build a dreamy soundscape that alludes to a sense of wonky weirdness but vocally gets to you that blissful place softly softly.

Apparently catching a buzz from their live performances the trio will be hitting the stage at The Full Moon Music Festival to join a lineup that includes Santigold, SBTRKT, Moodymann, LolaWolf and Pusha T.

I’m already tracing through their SoundCloud of 4 tracks but word is there’s an album in the works and a video to drop in September. Hit play and let the mood catch you;