Fendi Reloads Their Classic Print With #FFReloaded

Last night set inside an underground-warehouse scene in London, Fendi relaunched their signature monogram with Net-a-Porter. And what better way to host the London vibe than in a room full of graffiti, dancers, strobe lights and match-day style burgers?

The capsule collection on display featured restyling of the classic brown Fendi “FF” print we all know so well from the 90’s. From the branded pyjama-style jumpsuits, fur jackets to monochrome athletic two-pieces, side bags and socks, there’s no way you’re missing this logo in 2018. As part of a new wave of celeb sightings, Nicki Minaj also noticeably donned a Fendi Jacket and thong on cover of her new single ‘Chun-Li’, harking back to those infamous images of Lil Kim.

Fendi has always been at the forefront of unapologetic and unmissable luxury. Now, the brand aims to target the new millennial generation of influencers and sauce regulators – and the event headlined this new vision.

In attendance were the likes of Fredo, Yxng Bane and Ms Banks in full Fendi garms, while Drake passed through for a few minutes. Big Sean & Jhene Aiko also celebrated Jhene’s birthday at the event, with the Fendi family themselves.

This year, Fendi is anticipated to takeover from Gucci reign and become the brand to be wearing. No doubts, it most likely will.