Fetty Wap’s Album Has Finally Come Our Way

Oh we totally love surprises, well most of the time! Everyone should know by now, that Fetty Wap’s album is coming tomorrow, but bet you didn’t know that one of the most anticipated albums of the year, was going to be available to stream today.

So here it is – turn up and get into it, Fetty just gave us an early excuse to turn up that sound system full blast!

1. Trap Queen
2. How We Do Things f. Monty
3. 679 f. Monty
4. Jugg f. Monty
5. Trap Luv
6. I Wonder
7. Again
8. My Way f. Monty
9. Time f. Monty
10. Boomin’
11. RGF Island
12. D.A.M.
13. No Days Off f. Monty
14. I’m Straight
15. Couple Bands
16. Rock My Chain f. M80
17. Rewind f. Monty