Fetty Wap’s Album Is Coming Your Way

He went from no address to 5 addresses in one year and he’s a living testament to the audacity of having a dream. When Fetty Wap dropped ‘Trap Queen’ on SoundCloud even he couldn’t have dream’t that the record would go on to become one of the biggest breakout hits of the year.

Fetty found a way to make sure that he wasn’t a ‘one hit wonder’ and followed up with another crazy smash and when he sang the hook “baby won’t you come ‘My Way'” – everyone cross the country just erupted in song. Then the Drake remix dropped and it all just kept getting bigger. More records came our way ‘679 (Remy Boyz)’, ‘Again,’ and ‘I Wonder‘ so of course it’s inevitable that we want nothing more than an album. So it’s on it’s way.

Fetty Wap’s following has just grown at a pace that’s surprised the media, accumulating the largest following on Instagram adding 1.1 million new followers to his Instagram page in the first 6 months of the year.

The self-titled debut album will be released on September 25th, and with the confidence that defines the way he’s made his music this past year, Fetty is keeping the featured guests light. It’s just Fetty and his Remy Boys 1738 crew appearing on the album.

Packed with 17 tracks including all of his big hits, the album is due for release on September 25th.

1. Trap Queen
2. How We Do Things f. Monty
3. 679 f. Monty
4. Jugg f. Monty
5. Trap Luv
6. I Wonder
7. Again
8. My Way f. Monty
9. Time f. Monty
10. Boomin’
11. RGF Island
12. D.A.M.
13. No Days Off f. Monty
14. I’m Straight
15. Couple Bands
16. Rock My Chain f. M80
17. Rewind f. Monty