Find Out What Mood Post Malone Is In?

Post Malone has taken some slack recently from a few choice commentators questioning the intention behind his music, and then ‘the internet’ swiftly went into hyper-drive when a video surfaced of him from a few years back.

These days it just feels like the mood of the internet thrives off of any mistake, mood swing, rant, take down and expose of every artist it can lay into – who’s next? With every f**k up laid bare for us all to stand in judgement or ridicule, it’s been nothing short of hypocrisy running amuck, who’s the appointed judge and jury – but more importantly where’s the real talk happening?

So Post Malone made his apology, and now he’s dropped ‘#Mood’, he’s heading to London on the 18th of November, and we’ll get to see for ourself first hand what mood he’ll be in by then.

First he was saucin’, swaggin’ and ballin’ and now he’s taking the heat sitting down, swiggin’ on his cup and beefin’ on the new ‘#Mood’ – Post has reworked 50 Cent’s ‘Window Shopper’ and brought out a video to accompany the track check it out above.

And they just wanna see me fail but dawg I ain’t havin’ it
They wanna tear me down and tell you “youngin’ you can’t handle it”
And I’m just here to tell em their shit never happenin’

Wanna judge Post Malone for yourself, then get your tickets here.