FKA Twigs Reveals New EP and Short Film M3LL155X

FKA Twigs asserts a creative autonomy in her work thats enabled her to not just carve out her own lane but her own superhighway. This multi-dimensional artist has manifested herself into an incredibly original force in music, media and art.

She’s one of the few visionaries who’s understood the changing nature of music culture and how to transcend beyond the industry. In an interview with Creative Review earlier in the year she was realistic ‘I think as a music artist I’ve come through at a time when the music industry was in a certain amount of crisis. It still is now. The old formula doesn’t really work anymore.. it’s kind of irrelevant in a way”. Doing it her way FKA is creating bodies of work that are cinematic both sonically and visually.

Revealing the surprise 5 Track EP and accompanying 16 minute short film with no pre-promotion except  one Tweet from Twigs last night, the release showed a thorough confidence. The E.P musically is avant guard but signature Twigs with the standout track ‘In Time’, showcasing a duality that’s powerfully vulnerable yet delivered assertively – The way you dismiss me, will turn into missing me like I am yours

The eerie film, has an intensely rich and complex density which transcends each song from inception, to conception to pregnancy and birth. Twigs fascination with the natural force of womanhood never feels comfortable and there’s always an underlying tension which disturbs and challenges the feminine perception. In places its reminiscent of the film ‘Under The Skin’, but more for its discomforting dread of what could happen next.

FKA Twigs - video featured
FKA Twigs is your doll

FKA is now into her 3rd body of work and with each is showing an immense maturity and growth that belies her age. We’re in a time where many women are questioning the complex nature of hyper-sexuality and its mixed consequences. FKA Twigs though seems more progressive looking beyond just sexuality but to the entire mother force.

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