FlatBush Zombies Kill It At Reading Festival

I’m hosting the 1Xtra stage at Reading Festival this weekend and am gonna be covering the performance highlights from one of the biggest Rock festivals in the U.K. Fact is now I’m here because Hip-Hop is firmly on the bill and it’s crazy out here! I met up with Flatbush Zombies last night and it went down something stupid.

I just witnessed something amazing, that was one of the livest shows I’ve seen, that was crazy man…

Thankyou my brother, I appreciate that coming from you.

..no seriously the crowd dives they were like biblical man, I saw that first one when you jumped off and you did that perfect like you were swimming breaststroke, the crowd carried you that was like something religious, it was crazy…

Usually I do a front flip into the crowd, the stage was too distant, I’m not an olympic jumper so I couldn’t make it, I probably woulda broke my neck, so I decided to it old fashioned. But the crowd knows what we do. Shout out to the crowd, they love us, they help me out when I fall, they carry me, they make me swim on top of them. Its pretty cool.

..the soundman though, he kinda ruined it man..

I mean right before the show started guys, I said ‘check check’ and my microphone was working, one minute later I went on stage and my microphone was not on. That’s all I’m gonna say.

We didn’t even get to spread our message and our message is ‘open your fucking mind’. We did all that on stage to spread a message and we didn’t get to spread the message at the end cos he cut the fucking mics off.

And he cut us off before and after the set.

We need our five minutes before the beginning and the end, fact. I want it back, if we come back ever again if they allow us to come back here. You owe us 10 minutes Reading!

I’ll speak to the promoter, I’m sure you’ll get that… But that was crazy, that show was amazing. Meech the hair man….

I appreciate it, shout out to Daniel Moon in California for helping me and hooking me up.

It’s really inspiring to see how you guys have grown, I’ve seen you a couple of years ago, bumped into you at previous shows in the U.K but what I saw tonight that was just like growth, that was next level, its really exciting to see.

I mean honestly, it could have been a hundred times better, I feel like.

A million times better.

It was fun though, we’re running on no sleep, I didn’t get to drink enough Hennesy we just got here, we landed in the afternoon, we’re here now, we’re like 2 hours from here and we had to rush over here to do the show.

Art should not be rushed, it should be curated

I rarely get excited but I was excited…I was getting down man. Musically what can we watch out for next?

You can look out for the album that you think is never coming out, I can’t tell you a release date, stop asking. Art should not be rushed, it should be curated and treated like a fucking baby.  Look out for our ‘wrestle mania’ debut, porn, movies, cartoons, more clothes, more music, more music from the soul and the heart not that bullshit that you be hearing all the time that you guys love so much.

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