Flores Takes Us ‘Oceans’ Deep

While the U.K continues to debate the merits of being part of a greater European fraternity, when it comes to good music there’s one thing we can be certain of – it can cross any ocean to get to us.

And Flores is someone who knows all about crossing many ‘Oceans’, arriving with a new single that effortlessly floats over a sensual wave of R&B and electronic currents. Residing in Norway, but born and raised in Los Angeles, Flores is of half Filipino, half Mexican heritage and mixes up her music with a range of influential tones. The result takes you deep into the sounds of 90’s R&B and lifts up into a very modern arrangement, giving the serene vocals of Flores all the space to flow.

Teaming up with the British producer Maths Time Joy, Flores is setting the waves in motion for her forthcoming EP, and starting to let us sink in with her 2nd single ‘Oceans’, following up from their previous collaboration ‘Afterglow’ from last year.