Focal Point Live With Ashley Verse

Social media is filled with images and videos that showcase artistry. But what about the people behind the scenes who make all of this media content? What about the DJ who plays that song you love or the video director who makes the video you’ve watched 10 times? I’ve always been intrigued about the thought process of creative people and as a fellow creative and a podcast fan for many years, I decided to start one of my own, The Focal Point Podcast.

Playing on a photography terms to come up with a name, I started Focal Point as a medium to bring people who normally work behind the scenes into focus. It’s a platform to give creatives an opportunity to speak about their process and delve into subjects that bring out their personality. I’ve been fortunate to speak to people across the board, such as Morgan Keyz, Despa Robinson, Ralph Hardy, Manga Saint Hilare and others that have been working in the same scene that I’m a part of. People who have been documenting and moving the culture forward. The right representation of the underground music scene, particularly the Grime scene, is important to me. One person who has been at the forefront of creating and presenting visually stimulating media for several years is photographer Ashley Verse.


I first met the South London photographer at a show in an East London venue called Birthdays. Before then, I was noticing his images on social media and was trying to figure out who he was. The images looked like posed portraits, but they were shot in a live environment. Being able to capture images like that amongst crowds going crazy for their favourite artist is a skill. The ability to put yourself in a position to capture the energy of an artist takes time and a lot of practice. We kept seeing each other in the photo pit many times and soon became friends who support each other in this crazy media industry.


Recently, BoxPark Shoreditch has collaborated with Ashley Verse for his photographic exhibition and if you visit the upper deck, you’ll be greeted by massive portraits of some of the best artists in the Grime scene. In conjunction with Nation of Billions and BoxPark, there will be an opportunity for fans and creatives like myself to ask questions to Ashley Verse during a live recording of the Focal Point Podcast.

I’ll be speaking to Ashley about his process, photoshoot stories and how he started working with some of the best artists in the UK. And I’m sure Ashley gets as many messages as I do from budding photographers looking for advice on how to break into the industry. This is your chance to ask questions and have them answered by the man himself, live at BoxPark Shorditch next Tuesday!

The event is free so register here, and there will also be free refreshments from Savse Smoothies and RF Rabbit Veg Water during the evening. So join in for an insightful in-conversation.