Forest Took The Star Role In His ‘Movie’

23 year old, upcoming rapper, Forest, is yet another Compton native to come out of the works with a fresh new vibe, emulated in his newest single, ‘Movie’. The track is handpicked from a debut project, ‘UNDRWATER’, but is yet to have a confirmed release date.

From the get go, Forest’s execution and flow drives an imminent realisation that a star is born. He’s not overwhelmed by AC and August Grant’s strong electronic production, but flourishes instead.

Look a little deeper into Forest’s background and past, and you have to appreciate that his perceived platitudinous comparison, ‘life is like a movie’, is astonishingly truthful. Premiered on Pigeons and Planes, the story is Forest acquired a football scholarship to a school, but was unfortunately shot in the leg before he could take part in any action.

Luck seem’s to shine in the most unexpected ways, and they say there’s a reason for everything, so Forest is starting on a new scholarship and finding his niche in his back-up plan, music. You can listen to ‘Movie’ below: