Frank Gamble Could Be More Than A Myth

Anonymity has gone way beyond fashion and become the rite of passage for many artists, so much so that we also have to go through the motions of previewing some yet to be revealed faces and stories.

Maybe the regular social media assault is enough of a reason in itself to buy some time and space to develop a sound and let the voices literally do the talking or ‘singing’. The gamble certainly paid off for The Weeknd and 5 years later he’s ruling the charts, so there’s a pretty high benchmark for any reclusive artist who wants a chance to cultivate their craft.

We all like a bit of mystery but the stakes are high now and the reveal better be timed right. So here’s Frank Gamble, featured on DJ Semtex’s BBC 1Xtra Friday Night Mixtape, and Annie Mac on Radio 1, still unknown and possibly banking on our curiosity to be ‘more than a myth’.

We reached out to see what else we could find out and we were simply told ‘I am your friend’. Our only clue for now is the imagery shot by London based photographer Chloe Newman. The question remains ‘Who is Frank Gamble’ – while we find out, check out the track ‘Myths’ and see if you’re curiosity is perked enough.