Frank Gamble Dispelling ‘Myths’ On New EP

Frank Gamble make a return with the second release from new ‘Myths’ EP

Having taken a short winter break, alt R’n’B duo Frank Gamble have returned to music with a radiant new EP. Their second single release is of the same name, and the first new drop since last summer’s ‘Heart speaks’.

‘Myths’ is the track that had Frank Gamble turning heads and earning radio play. Now, their typically kaleidoscopic world view comes sharply into focus, across the four track EP, the pair contemplate themes of balance, both within and outside a relationship.

“The ‘Myths’ EP explores the duality that we all face both in and out of a relationship. The good, the bad, the fearful and the fearless. What we want and what we think we want. We often romanticise the notion of love itself and that can undermine the love that we need to have for ourselves before we can truly love anyone else.” they explain.

A collaboration with MC Abra Cadabra also features on their ‘Myths’ EP, the track called J’adore saw Frank Gamble (vocalist, songwriter and musician Hannah Yadi aka YADi and South London producer Justin Tailor aka Hoost) reveal their identities for the first time back in May of this year, “J’adore is about an abuse of power. An abuse of trust. About being duped by someone who was meant to care for you but who instead took advantage of your innocence. It’s about trying to rebuild your life and trust in people after a bad experience and not letting yourself fall back into similarly painful patterns, behaviours and relationships. And battling with the idea that you have to do it alone.”

The ‘Myths’ EP is available to buy & stream here