Frank Ocean Got Two Versions With ‘Nikes’ Video

This weekend is certified to be a 24/7 Frank watch, while its only been one day since Frank finally graced us with that long awaited new project ‘Endless’, a new NSFW video ‘Nikes’ has premiered today.

While this time we’re not looking at second visual album, but the video to a new track ‘Nikes’, there cold be some substance to the speculation that a second version of an album could be with us this weekend.

‘Nikes’ is one for repeat watches in itself, playing out as a literal visual interpretation of the lyrics to the song which Frank doesn’t deliver in falsetto mode. ‘Nikes’ is unsurprisingly structured as an experimental track with the first half sung through distortion effect, transitioning to Frank in the second half almost in Kanye mode to autotune. Fans no doubt are already in split screen mode trying to decipher the meanings both lyrically and visually, as Frank moves the needle onto a new dimension both musically and artistically.

The track features subliminal and direct references to events and statements from Frank, as well as tributes to A$AP Yams, Pimp C and Trayvon Martin. Notably also adding fuel to the rumour that this could be a Frank and Chance collab track, the line ‘Acid on me like the rain’, seems to reference Chance’s ‘Acid Rain’, while Chance already had fans guessing when he recently dropped a tweet recently, which now turns out was a reference to a line from ‘Nikes’.

Watch the video below, take it in, and float with Frank on this weekend escapade;

The video can also be downloaded directly from Frank’s boysdontcry website – just right click on it.